West Coast Volunteers Marshalls Run – 10, 21 & 42km. By Gill Koch

“Sunday 3rd July 2022

West Coast Volunteers Marshalls Run – 10, 21 & 42km

Going back in time to the beginning

The idea of a local running club in the Table View was first initiated by a couple of men who at that time, were running for Spartan Harriers – located in the Diep River / Bergvliet area.

Roy Krossynski, Garry Thomson and John Bell who were the driving force behind the idea began what was then known as the Table View Chapter of Spartan Harriers. This small group were responsible for organising the 1984 Table View 30km race hosted by Spartan Harriers which began at the Theo Marias Park in Milnerton.

Due to the strict guidelines laid down by the then WPRRA, It took another two seasons for the club to become a reality. Prior to applying to WPRRA, the new club needed a clubhouse. A clubhouse was then granted by the local Milnerton Council who offered the sports facilities at Theo Marais Park. They were however adamant that the name of the new foundling club had to include the word Milnerton. By this time two new members had joined the Table View chapter of Spartan Harriers, namely Jan La Cock and Don Mackenzie.

At an ad-hoc meeting held at Jan La Cock’s house many names were proposed for the new club. Jan La Cock suggested Milnerton West Coast Athletic Club and it was agreed upon by the other members that as the club was situated in the West Coast area it was only right that West Coast be incorporated into it’s name. Garry Thomson was then tasked with the responsibility of meeting with then Milnerton council and proposing the new name. The council persisted with the desire for the club to be called Milnerton Athletic Club (MAC). However, the new members argued that this would be in direct conflict with the Milnerton Aquatic Club (MAC) and eventually the council relented and the name Milnerton West Coast Athletic Club was accepted. In August 1986 the Milnerton West Coast Athletic Club was accepted under the umbrella of Milnerton Sports Club with their official home at Theo Marais Park.

The new executive committee of Roy, Garry and John were tasked with the application for affiliation to the Western Province Amateur Athletics Association (WPAAA) and the WPRRA. Application was granted the club became affiliated with the WPRRA on 16th September 1986.

And going forward into the present

It was decided by our Committee that it was time to host a club run.  Not just any old run of the mill run, because we’ve done that before.  Yes indeed we have.  So this run would be extraordinaire – it would include a marathon.  And this would in the history of our club be the very first EVER marathon organized by the West Coast Athletic Club.  Our Committee put their heads together, shared their ideas, planned, liaised, cajouled and spent the best part of every spare moment in preparation of this mammoth event.

Cometh the hour cometh the man.  Much as we would all like to believe that this was an actual quotation signifying a historical moment of importance, it is not.  It has in fact become a cliché, mostly in sporting contexts.  It means that no matter what the situation a man can appear who will turn the tide and win the contest.  And this is exactly what the Committee did. 

The Volunteers Marshalls run was organized for Sunday 3rd whilst the official West Coast 10, 21 and 42km would be held on the following Sunday 10th July 2022. 

Myrun timing arm bands were made available to those who didn’t own one, but wearing one was not mandatory, it was however if one depended on the results.  We met in the underground parking at the Table Bay Mall on a cold, cloudy and wet Sunday.  After being issued with an armband – on request, and a running number it was a short walk over the West Coast Road to the start of the race.  The marathon runners were the first to go, then the 21kms followed by the 10kms.  From the out, it was pretty evident that the heavens would be opening and to prepare for a rainjacket run. 

Marshalls – of which there were plenty – stood waving flags, offering coke, water, words of encouragement whilst taking shelter under car boot lids and umbrella’s.  Our photographer Carl chose to travel on four wheels instead of his bicycle which was indeed a very wise move.  Arrowed boards and cones took to the streets in the hope and aim to keep runners on track. 

The route for the marathon was in Blouberg surrounds incorporating Melkbosstrand and Dynerfontein.  The route for the 21km was strictly Blouberg with hills (that we train on regularly) including flats and plenty of ankle deep puddles.  The 10km route was a little closer to home and mostly familiar to those who live in the area.

The rain subsided then poured again at the drop of a hat.  Intermittent, irregular and blustery cloud bursts kept the morning interesting if not soaked through to the skin!

Results:  42km


Anele Bans



Graham Goodman



Raz Noordien



Results:  21km


Elliah Longwe



Lisl Grober



Alex Peo



Results:  10km


Graham Gough



Angela Lurssen



Paul Colman



Thank you West Coast Committee for this amazingly well organized event.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  Rain and all.”

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