Tygerberg 15km – Human Right’s day 2024

I’m going to start this blog off by saying for me starting a race at 06h45 is just about 45 minutes later than I’d like.  It’s a personal thing of course, but starting at 06h45 in March offered the sun plenty of time to come out and stay out.  A wonderful thing to happen – if one isn’t running!  And to add insult to injury, running up hills.  Steep hills.  Ok on with the blog. . . . . .

Christa was kind enough to collect me from home at 05h30.  Very reasonable in my book as most days I’m up at 04h45 anyway, so today would be no different.  It’s a relatively short drive from Sunningdale through to Tygervalley but I absolutely dread driving on the Malibongwe Drive as it’s truly a diverse stretch of road.  Enough said!

Arriving at Tygervalley and parking was a breeze.  Yup an absolute pleasure.  In fact, there were so many parking spaces, we were spoilt for choice.  Our first stop however was the all-important ablutions.  Once again spoilt for choice with no queues whatsoever.  This day will be a good day!  Walking up to the start line with plenty of time on our hands, we stopped to chat and take photos.  I must admit it’s pretty wonderful recognizing folk, trading greetings and catching up in general.  Good for the soul.

Up ahead, the bright red giant inflatable beckoned the runners to come on over.  And we did.  Now it was just a matter of time until the gun went off and we could get this party started!  And off it went.  I’d like to think that my continual hill training is paying off, because once one leaves the grounds of the Tygervalley Shopping Centre it’s a good 2km of up hill ahead.  I’m not kidding.  And if I’m not mistaken that very road is Willie van Schoor turning into Durbanville Avenue?  Call it whatever you like, it’s a long old schlep that never seems to end.  At the top of the hill however was the most welcome water table I’ve come across in a long time loaded with ice cold water.  Needless to say, every man and his dog made a bee line for this refreshment before making their way on to the third km.  We ran along Beyers Avenue and at the round about it was into High Street.  Loads of marshals waving their flags lined the streets urging runners to stay inside the orange cones.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the left lane was adhered to if one realized one’s pace was a tad slower than the general flow.  I have to admit to being a left lane runner.  I’m out of the way tucked in close to the curb and even closer to the water tables (tongue in cheek). 

The road seemed to pan out evenly at intervals then suddenly there’d be a hill again just chucked in for good measure.  So, with this race it was probably best not to treat it with complacency.  There were a number of running busses to choose from and our very own Megan took the flag offering a two-hour run.  I was quite happy running along by myself needless to say, stopping at each and every watering hole!

Once we’d broken the half way mark at approximately 7km’s Langehoven Road and turned to see runners on the opposite side of the road, I think things got a little more manageable.  Just a little.  From there it was back on to the Main Road.  At around the 8km mark we ran on to St John’s Road then on to High Street.  But by this time the sun had really come out and was showing its strength with very little mercy.  Runners were opting for the shadier side of the road but still the heat was strong enough to melt the hardest of hearts.  I’m certainly not going to drone on about the water tables but honestly today they were my saving grace.

Time then to conquer Race Course Road then a left turn into Erica Road. 

With just a few km’s to go now it was an absolute pleasure to be able to run downhill.  I’m thinking that could well have been de Villiers Avenue?  The very last km was uphill on the Tyger valley Road all the way back to the finish line which led one over the inflated giant once more, and voila.  Home.  A 15km run completed, done and dusted.

So, in a nutshell then I’d say this was a successful run.  With Paula van der Merwe obtaining her 15km PB running this hilly route at a pace of 06h32.  Gee that’s a good one Paula!  There was such a good turn out of West Coasters at this race.  A very good turn out indeed.  Once I had crossed the finish line, I made my way down to the bottom of the road and managed to capture a couple of Westies coming in.  There was Meg with her 2-hour flag, Bernie Dunbar Allen, our Sloth Master Elton Gordon, Christa de Beer besides a host of others including Carlo Seconds, Bronwyn Alexander, Louise Rohner and Zemvelo Mkula.

I didn’t get to see Lee and George.  These speedsters are just in another bracket.  One that I’ll never fit into. 

Right.  Enough name dropping for now.  This was the Tyger Run/Walk with Discovery Vitality 15km Run/Walk & 6km 2024.  TOP EVENTS managed the race numbers which included a disposable timing chip which was on the back of the number enabling correct times of when one started and finished.

As usual I must add that this is purely my rendition and opinion of the abovementioned race day.  I never set out to offend anyone with my blogging and the street names might not be 100%, but I had a good day out.  It was an extremely well-organized event with well-informed marshals and plenty of refreshments.

See you on the road peeps – blogger Gill x