West Coast Athletic Club – Cape Town based running club – Road, Trail, Track, Walking & Cross Country – All welcome!

2019 Committee

No club would function efficiently without a competent committee working in the background to ensure that the club functions, events happen, standards are upheld, members get great value as proud “Westies” and things run smoothly. Our committee is comprised of various portfolios covering different aspects of operations within the club to ensure that you, our valued members, get the most from your choice of athletic club. However we are also passionate runners just like our members, proud to be part of the West Coast AC family. We all strive to make WCAC the best running club around, and to do that we all need to work together so we are always open to suggestions, to do that please feel free to chat to any of us, we are here for you!

Previous West Coast AC Committee’s…

David Wilcock

Club Chairman

Quote: Nil Satis Nisi Optimum ( Loosely translated from the Worlds greatest football team – Nothing but the best!)
Portfolio: I am Chair of an awesome group of people and we are striving to make West Coast AC the running club of choice!
Personal Introduction: Born in Lancashire and had a huge culture shock to the Northern Cape as a 10 year old then to PE and then to Cape Town. I’m a Dad to a tween which keeps me on my toes! My dream is to play bridge all day interspersed with a bit of running.
Running History: The running started to keep the tummy down after a knee operation playing football. Cross country is the best! My favourite races are the Camel Run, Bastille Day trail and Niel Joubert. One day I’d love to do the Sky Run and an off the beaten track overseas marathon. I’ve met so many amazing people and been to places I’d never have gone to if it had not been for running.
Inspirations as a runner: My first inspiration was watching Sebastian Coe while on holiday as a child, I still get goosebumps watching him on Youtube.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: Making friends and having fun is what life is about, I love that everyone encourages each other to be their best.

Monique Martens-Delport

Club Captain

  “ I can do this, I am going to be ok”
Portfolio: I am the Club Captain and there to promote running, ensure everyone knows which races are happening when and where, making newcomers feel welcome and offering help and encouragement where needed.
Personal Introduction: I was born in Bloemfontein, grew up in Pretoria. Studied Physiology at Tuks. I have three beautiful children and one (even more beautiful grandchildren). I have a Sports Massage Practice, focusing on deep muscle and fascia release.
Running History: I have been running my whole life, loved athletics at school and then just carried on running. Just because I love it! I ran the first Spar Ladies Race when I was 28 and was delighted that I could finish 10km. My first half marathon was the Two Oceans Half in 2003 ( I was 39). First marathon was The Cape Town marathon a few years later. And Two Oceans ultra after that. My biggest highlight was finishing my first Comrades in 2016. I realised I had the strength and capacity to do anything. And, I am just going to carry on running… as long as my body is happy with it…. just because I love running!
Inspirations as a runner: To keep my body healthy and fit and to keep challenging myself. There are so many adventures in life. I would love to get to the end of my life and know that I was brave enough to take the first step and try.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: I joined West Coast as it was local and have absolutely loved every minute of being part of it. The support, friendship, fun, adventures and family vibe is wonderful. Simply could not imagine my life without WCAC
Notes: Running…. and chocolate and champagne solve all the problems in the world!

David Yuill

Vice Captain – Long Distance

Quote: Focus on the opportunities as opposed to problems in life.
Portfolio: To promote long distance road running within the club. Help, encourage and guide members to the best of their ability. Promote WCAC as the best running club in the country.
Personal Introduction: Originally from Jhb and grew up there. In 2000 moved to Cape Town and have also spent about three years living abroad in UK. I have two wonderful kids and a loving family and awesome friends. Enjoy socialising, photography, and most sports. I work for myself as a marketing and data insights consultant, specialising in the FMCG environment.
Running History: I grew up in a running family with my dad having run 10 Comrades and numerous other races. He encouraged me at age 10 to start running cross country and athletics and continued to love the sport throughout school. Highlights during school was representing Central Gauteng Schools at Cross Country and achieving a 2min 800m PB. After around 15 years of not running a friend wanted to do the Two Oceans Ultra in 2007 and asked me to join him in training for it. We completed our first marathon in 2006 and I joined WCAC in 2007. The running bug bit big time and the childhood dream of Comrades started to become a reality. I completed my first Comrades that year in 2007 and since then this race has become the epitome of why we run. It is without doubt the most iconic race on the planet. Apart from a healthier lifestyle, running has provided me with many great friendships, laughter, humility, respect, as well as teaching me a lot about life in the process. Personal goals remain to obtain my Comrades Green number, achieve a Bill Rowan and potentially a Silver. To continue to broaden my knowledge of the sport and help and encourage others achieve their goals in the sport as well
Inspirations as a runner: My inspiration in running (and life) is very personal and this provides me, not only the strength and perseverance in races, but more importantly the knowledge to enjoy each moment not matter what the circumstances are
Why I chose West Coast as my club: WCAC is more than a running club, it’s a family. From old to young, the members are there for one another. The spirit and friendliness that fellow WCAC show each other (and other clubs) during races is an advertisement to others on what a running should be. I would strongly encourage any member, old or new, to become more involved in the club to really experience the camaraderie that flows through the clubs veins

Naz Parker

Vice Captain – Short Distance

Quote: Don’t re-invent the wheel!
Portfolio: Promote short distance road running (10 km to Half Marathon) within the club, host pack runs, manage the club’s internal Short Distance League Cup competition, and keep members informed via Facebook.
Personal Introduction: I was born in Cape Town, am married with kids, a Man Utd supporter who enjoys braai-ing and a good single malt. When I’m not running I’m working as a IT Cloud Architect.
Running History:

I actually started running as a 100m and 200m sprinter back in high school. Probably because the coach noticed how fast I was on the soccer field since I played soccer from the age of 8. Back then in 1987 I actually ran for Spartans Amateur Athletic Club where I trained at Vygieskraal track with the likes of speedsters including: Nazeem Smith, Shaun Vester, Clement Du Plessis, Suzette Arendse, Shahieda Majiet and Wayde Moses. Although I did not achieve provincial colors for the sprinting whilst at high school, I did manage a 10.98 sec 100m in the boys under 17 in 1987.

I run because I love it. And because I can’t really participate in a solid game of soccer anymore. Late in 2014 I started playing less soccer and decided to do Parkruns. Two years and 42 Parkruns later I decided to join WCAC to actually just improve my Parkrun time. Running in overcast weather or a slight drizzle is perfect running conditions for me. Oh, and I love hills and out-of-town races! My favorite races are the Chappies Challenge Half Marathon, The UWC Fast & Flat 10 km and the Cango Half Marathon. I’m hoping to do well at the 2018 Cape Town Marathon as my 1st official marathon and perhaps do 1 Marathon every year since I much prefer the Half Marathons

Inspirations as a runner: Carl Lewis was my inspiration when I started sprinting. I can still see his form: Hands flat and straight, legs and arms pumping!
Why I chose West Coast as my club: This club is familia! We care about each other and about the community. I also love the fact we cater for all types of runners and have a social membership too.

Steven O’Connor

Captain – Trail

Quote: Your comeback is always stronger than your setback
Portfolio: My portfolio ranges to being a leader and encouraging runners to do trail running and mountain climbing. The portfolio will drive towards encouraging our club members to come and enjoy the challenges of off road running, trail running, mountain climbing, beach walking and running and hiking.
Personal Introduction: I was born in Cape Town on 8th November 1985. I have grown up in a family very active and successful in sports. Both my grandfathers played football in the Scottish leagues. My grandfather also represented Scotland in cycling. My father played football for Hellenic and Cape Town City and introduced me to a very active sporting life from a young age. I loved playing cricket and was the opening batsman for Parklands College. I also did equestrian and enjoyed doing eventing, show jumping and equitation and got my Western Province and Central Gauteng colours in showjumping. I have a Bsc degree in Property Studies from Wits University and currently work as a Property Portfolio Manager for Sandak Lewin Trust. I love watching sports. I am a huge fan of the Springboks, Proteas, Stormers and Western Province, Cape Cobras and Arsenal football team in England.
Running History: I started running nearly six years ago when I lived in Stellenbosch. I started running to lose weight and to try challenge myself in a different sporting discipline. Most of running experience is in trail running and mountain climbing I started road running about a year after trail running. My first trail race was a dirtopia race at Simonsberg Wine Farm and first road race was the inaugural FNB one run My 5km PB is around 22 mins at Big Bay Beach Series in 2015, 10km is 48 mins 42 seconds at the second leg of the Boschendal Night trail series in 2015, 21.1km is 1 hour and 59 minutes at Langebaan Half Marathon in 2018 and marathon PB is Lochness Marathon in 4 hours 24 minutes in 2018. I have won 4 beach runs. 2 in the Big Bay Beach Series in 2015, 1 at Dolphin Beach race which was part of the Beach Series in 2016 and 1 at Milnerton Lagoon Beach which was also part of the Beach Series in 2016. I have also had podium finishes in beach running at Big Bay. My best mountain climbing finish was at the Inaugural Bartinney2Bartinney trail run 12km where I finished inside the top 25% of the field and trail running I had finished all four races inside the top 20 at the Boschendal Night Trail Series in 2015. I have competed in many known trail and mountain races like JMC, HMC, Bastille day trail run, Simonsberg Contour trail run and UTCT. My goal is to complete an Ultra Trail run and a 3 day trail run.
Inspirations as a runner: My inspirations in running is to enjoy it and encourage and help runners to achieve their goals in running. My inspirations in life to live life to the fullest and in the direction God wants and guides me to.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: My mother had been part of West Coast Athletics Club for about 6 months before I joined the club. I was looking for a club when I moved back to Blouberg from Stellenbosch that offered trail running and mountain climbing and West Coast was the club. I admire the socializing and friendliness of the members at the club. I was worried that I wouldn’t find people with similar interests in trail running and there are plenty at West Coast Athletics Club.

Bruce Wood

Captain – Cross Country

Running History:

IIn 2013 my eldest daughter dragged the entire family off to the Sunflower Fund run in Green Point, where my youngest daughter and wife found they could enter on the day. They all participated in the race in the pouring rain ( I refused) and the sight of my youngest daughter finishing 7 km’s in her pink gumboots, inspired me to enter the entire family in the 5km Gun Run in October of that year. In 2014 I started the year weighing in at almost 120kg’s and having just given up smoking 20 camel filters a day, decided it was time to get back into shape and start running. Most of 2014 consisted of trying to get from walking to being able to run for 30 minutes continuously. In June 2014 I completed the 8km Dudley’s Trail Run at Diemersdal Wine farm in just over 61 minutes using a run/walk strategy. Just after completing the 5km Gun Run in October 2014, I decided to enter the Two Oceans Ultra in March 2015, not yet having run more than 10 km and still needing to use a run/walk strategy to get through 10km. The rest of 2014 was spent trying to get my 10km time down from 80 minutes to around 60 minutes before tackling longer distances. In December 2014 I joined West Coast Athletics Club, and in January 2015 ran further than 10km for the first time in 26 years. In January 2015 my long runs progressed weekly from 15km to 18km to 24km to 30km to 36km culminating in running my first Marathon, the Peninsula on 15th February 2015( I hadn’t come across the concept of tapering yet), and finishing in a time of 4hrs 54 minutes, scraping Two Oceans qualification with 6 minutes to spare. I went on to complete my first Two Oceans in March 2015 in 6hrs 42 mins.(please note that this is not the recommended way of doing it, I just didn’t know any better then!) In 2015 I was also introduced to Cross Country for the first time and participated in the last three meetings of the season. In 2016, I completed my first Comrades Marathon, and never missed a single cross country meeting during the year. Cross Country is an excellent means of improving your speed and core strength, so don’t miss Cross Country!


Gillian Grobbelaar

Captain – Walking

 Quote: Everything is better with bubbles.
Portfolio: Walking Representative. Help an encourage pack packers to achieve their individual goals.
Personal Introduction: Born in Durban, grew up in Walvis Bay. Stayed in almost every sea port in SA, consider Cape Town my Home. Retired from corporate life, now running a boutique B&B, and planning to write a book about my interesting guests.
Running History: Had a mid life crisis about 8 years ago. Quit corporate life, could not afford a flash car, so bought a pair of running shoes and joined a club.
Nine months later I did my first 21km. Its totally changed my life. I’ve met the most amazing people, doing the most incredible things. And not just on the running front. I feel like I belong to a secret society that meets at the most ungodly hours of the morning, dressed in the most technicolored kit, to push themselves to the point of exhaustion and beyond for fun. 🤓.  And I enjoy every minute of it. I also enjoy mentoring and helping people who have never run or done races. It’s the most fulfilling thing to run a 10km with somebody who never ever thought they would be able to walk 2km.
Inspirations as a runner: I get inspired almost every day and definitely at every race. Simply by people doing the most incredible things. Athletes who have over come physical and other disabilities to compete in races. Athletes who sacrifice their own PBs to help less experienced runners achieve their goals.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: I have always found West Coast runners to be of the friendliest. Their runners have also had time to chat and give words of encouragement on a race, and not just to their own club members. I love the fact that the club is totally focused on their members and the good of the club. I mostly love all the members.

Gill Koch


Quote: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
Portfolio: Being the WCAC Secretary means that I’ll be attending each monthly meeting and taking down notes as we go. Typing them up timeously and distributing them to the relevant parties. listening, noting and contributing.
Personal Introduction: Born at home in a two up and two down tennament in Darenth Kent UK. Moved to SA when I was 10. Have lived in Cape Town for now what feels like forever. Returned to the UK for 10 years – arrived back in SA two years ago. Secretarial background. Now retired housewife – Oume to three grandchildren – Mother to two – step mother to two – married to Carl. Enjoy cooking – anything? Thoroughly enjoy crosswords – can spend hours on them. Enjoy sewing. Have three pet dogs two chihuahua’s and one daschund.  
Running History: • Took up running with serious intent 2013 • 2016 – Ran Tewkesbury Half Marathon UK – my first – 02h15 • 2016 – Ran Westonbirt Christmas UK 10km – my first – 55 mins – podium 1st prize for me • 2017 – Ran 8 races – one being trail. This confirmed that I would continue as a road runner • 2018 – Ran 36 races – including Voet van Afrika 21km, Sitori Camel Run 16km, Two Oceans 21km plus Bay to Bay 15. Ran Velocity 21km which gave me my PB of 02h11. • 2018 – Ran International EPIC Canadian Half Marathon • 2019 – Nutribullet Bay to Bay 30km, Hoenhort 15km and the infamous Red Hill Classic 36km . . . . .so far My preferred running environment is definitely tar road. Dont care about the weather – will run in rain, snow, wind but cautious about intense heat. Manage to train with our handsoncoach Alan Green and run with girlfriends at least 3 times a week. Happy to run on my own too. Running has and still does give me peace of mind – whether in a group or alone – I can lose myself completely and fix whatever’s broken . . . if it is? Running is first and foremost an ideal time for my morning meditation which sets me up for the day. My running goal is to complete a marathon – have entered for Cango Caves and to continue running as long as my legs will allow.
Inspirations as a runner: In 1981 I watched the Comrades Marathon with Bruce Fordyce crossing the finish line as the winner – and I was hooked. As a spectator. For every year that Bruce entered – I watched from beginnig to end. I ran a Melkbos Parkrun which he attended and we met, chatted and I was well and truly over the moon. So I would definitely say that Bruce Fordyce was a huge inspiration in my running world.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: Ha ha – well I have to be 100% honest about this one. We were living at Dolphin Beach at the time and West Coast Athletic Club seemed to be the natural choice of club’s to join. But after three attempts at doing so – oh please don’t ask me to elaborate – I eventually succeeded and have been part of this super duper club ever since. I run with our resident coach Alan Green on a Wednesday and others on inbetween days.
  To anyone out there who is considering joining a running club – I would definitely recommend WCAC. Good social aspect. Great running coach. Like minded members (mostly). Meeting point at races under our club gazebo.

Mary Langebrink


Quote: Life is short – Make the most of every moment!
Portfolio: The Treasurer is responsible for all financial aspects of the club, ensuring accuracy, transparency and completeness thereof.
Personal Introduction: I grew up on a farm in “die Noord Transvaal”, now known as Limpopo. Being a farmers daughter, I was always fairly active, but was a total couch potato when it came to sports. In my adult life, I studied through correspondence, worked hard and have achieved the goals that I set out for myself. In 2010 the company that I was working for relocated its Head Office down to Cape Town, and I found myself living in this beautiful city which I am blessed to now call “home”!
Running History: In 2011 my late sister was worried that I was going to “work myself to death” and encouraged me to join a running club. I did so, and met some amazing friends, and together we trained, got fit and travelled all over the Western Cape to participate in races. I have done about 30 half marathons and way too many shorter races to have kept record of. My current passion is parkrun, and I find myself getting up at all hours of the morning to travel long distances to go and do a parkrun on a Saturday morning! Paddy, my faithful four-legged running buddy normally accompanies me to parkrun (and also any club run that he can convince me to take him to!)
Inspirations as a runner: Walking and running is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors in this beautiful city we live in, whilst remaining fit and healthy at the same time.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: I joined WCAC in 2016 because I had some friends who were members at this club (and it was a “local” club). Since then I have made even more amazing friends, and have so much fun with my fellow club mates that I couldn’t imagine ever not belonging to WCAC.

Alan Green

Youth Development

Quote: If you do not try you will never know just how good you are
Portfolio: Coaching of all disciplines from juniors to seniors in track and field, cross country, road running, trail running and mountain running. Also liaison with City Cape Town regarding plans for future sporting facilities
Personal Introduction: I grew up in Johannesburg where I played all sports at various levels. I am a professional sports coach who coaches at various levels in most sporting codes from beginners to the advanced levels.
Running History: I started running at age 6 for team sports. I have been running for about 48 years doing various distances Personal milestones are: 32 minute 10 kilometer road race in Johannesburg A 1 minute 51 800 meter track race Johannesburg I have run two PUFfeRS and 9 Tuffer PUFfeRS 12 Three Peaks 1 Wild Coast Extreme Addo Elephant Hout Bay Challenge Fisherman’s Trail Midnight Hell run Many marathons with 7 marathons in eight days in seven African countries last year 17 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons 1 Comrades marathon I enjoy running on all types of terrain with trail/mountain after dark holding a special fondness for me I have always been someone who likes to push myself to see just how far or fast I can run. This has often lead to some disastrous results and lots of humour My running career is just about enjoyment My focus now is to help other runners see the benefit of running and experience the joy of training correctly to push themselves to reach their potential
Inspirations as a runner: I am still searching for that perfect coming together of hard training and running where every thing just works. The second dimension of running where it all makes sense
Why I chose West Coast as my club: I chose West Coast Athletic Club because the people are friendly and way back when I joined I met up with talented runners who pushed me to achieve

Malcolm Lomberg


Quote: Take no prisoners & He who dares, WINS.
Portfolio: Special Projects. I handle projects that are outside of the normal daily day to day function of the club like the new Club House , The Norrie programs Or similar if need be.
Personal Introduction: Born in JHB & lived in Pietersberg until the age of 7. We moved to Cape town & I grew up in Parow. So I’m an original arrow from Parow so don’t cause KAK with me. I have two sisters, two nephews, 1 niece & loads Of Cuzins. Cuz Colin being one of them. Hobbies , use to be girls but I have passed that on to Dave as I have met an amazing young Lady, Simone, & Donte her son & they keep me on the short & narrow. I Love travelling when I can afford it & game farms where I am at my most peaceful. Other than that the club is almost a full time job but I love all the friends I make & journeys I share.
Running History: I started running to get fit after I got divorced, weighed 108kg. One of my first pack run I got lost (LEFT BEHIND. It was misty & last out of the toilet) as we were running to the light house & back. I didn’t know about the light house on Wood bridge Island & was told about that half way to Mouliepoint. I have done 8 Comrades incl. 4 Bill Rowans, 8 Two Oceans incl. 4 Chet Sainsbury, 4 Puffers, Loads of Marathons. My favourite distance I hope to run a Silver one day at Comrades & take a couple of you with me. My ultimate pleasure is Comrades tho Its just a mind blowing experience & awesome friendships that are formed.
Inspirations as a runner: I love helping other reach their full potential & enjoy helping those wanting to do a Comrades.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: Its the Original drinking club with a running problem Duh!!!

Jacqui Giles

Membership Officer

Quote: Say it as it is !
Portfolio: I look after all our memberships/licenses and kit sales – so am happy to be the one to make all new members feel welcome and get them up and running asap!
Personal Introduction: I am a full time working, single mom with 2 awesome boys and have been in the travel industry for over 25 years. I can be a procrastinator at times so am very proud of my motorbike license which I got when I was 40! Am a total chocoholic, love live music shows, hot summer days and would love to live in the countryside/bush one day!
Running History: I joined another club and used to walk round and round a field – but just got so bored and wanted more! So I entered the 10km Tyger Run last year without much training (and the wrong shoes) and I was hooked. First 10km and managed 1h10 which was great for me. I always thought running would be my “thinking time” but it turns out it has the opposite effect on me and I switch off totally. I managed a few more 10kms runs in 2017 (am proud of my 7 medals) before having a slight injury, so will be back soon and am aiming for Half Marathons soon. Nothing longer, but just those shorter distances with better times. And then there is always Cross Country and Trail which appeals to me as well……
Inspirations as a runner: I think it has something to do with “zero to hero” and seeing the most unexpected people achieve greatness through running. Life is full of surprises and it’s all about challenging yourself – and not giving up!
Why I chose West Coast as my club: I walked into the club alone not too long ago and within minutes I felt welcomed and right at home! There is a fantastic vibe and such a great mix of people as well. Nothing beats the amazing support amongst everyone either and it feels like there really is something for everyone, from walkers to top athletes. A very welcoming, positive, festive and friendly club! Love it!

Aubrey Makhuba

WPA Representative
Personal Introduction:  
Running History:  
Inspirations as a runner:  
Why I chose West Coast as my club:  


Iain Park-Ross

Race Representative


“The answer is YES, what’s the question? “


Club Kit : source, procure, distribute, and maintain stocks. 

Race Director : West Coast Race Day

Personal Introduction:

I was born and bred in Durban and moved to Cape Town in 1993, after sailing back from Rio. Have 5 kids, ranging in age from 33 to 12, and they are my life (luckily all still in SA). I am a past National champion in sailing, and have sailed approx. 50000 miles at sea. After coming ashore from a sailing career in 1995 I worked for the same company for 21 years, as a Sales Professional in the Uninterruptible Power industry. I am now an independent consultant in Uninterruptible and Solar Power.

Running History:

I began running at University in Durban and was a member of Savages Athletic Club for about 10 years until 1992. My running stopped completely while all my kids were growing up and I concentrated on my career. I joined West Coast in 2013 after I discovered I could still run after a Park Run at Big Bay. My favourite race is 21km, and I have promised myself to do only one marathon a year.

Inspirations as a runner:

Easy: make sure my next race is not slower than the previous one. Qualify for my “big 5” award at year-end. 

At the same time:   enjoy the companionship of my clubmates and respect everyone’s achievements – large or small.
Why I chose West Coast as my club:

Well, I live in Table View…….

WCAC is a great club and once one gets into the gang, it becomes a second home. Everyone is down-to-earth and willing to participate and keen to grow as a runner. There are no prima donnas at our club and we have great fun.

The camaraderie at races is really amazing

Carl Pohl


Quote: If it is to be, it is up to you.
Portfolio: Raising funds to pay for the building costs for our clubhouse.
Personal Introduction: Lived in Pinelands, went to bordingschool, in Paarl Boys High. Ran for Maties. Married to Alison, two kids, Alan and Tara. Financial Advisor to individuals and companies for 32 years. Hobbies include travelling to game parks and overseas and photography and wine collecting. Enjoying spending time with family and friends.
Running History: Started running at school and as a novice entered the Karoo Ultra marathon, 80 km in 08h17. Was told by school i can run and started running then, ran for Maties, picked up career-ending injury at age 22, stopped. Cycled for years, till started running again at West Coast since 2015.Enjoy Trail running, entered my first 2Oceans Ultra for 2018.
Inspirations as a runner: I enjoy the feeling of being in nature, getting some exercise and being amongst friends.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: They take part in many disciplines, are supportive of all runners on all levels, are great people, passionate about the club and know how to party.
  Please support me on all the fundraising initiatives and thanks for the wonderful fundraising team I have, you all rock!

Tamaryn Wood

Social Events Officer

Quote: Take one day at a time
Portfolio: To arrange and co-ordinate all social events and bring members together to get to know each other and have fun while doing so
Personal Introduction: I was born in the land of Charlize Theron, good old Benoni, spent 18 years living in a little suburb called Atlasville and went to Boksburg High school, when I matriculated my parents decided on a change so we moved to Cape Town. My family is very close, I have a baby brother 4 years younger than me. On moving to Cape Town I started studying Textile design at Cape College and worked part time at the Spur for extra cash, the Spur was where I met my better half and love of my life Bruce. We have two beautiful daughters Megan and Daniella. I love being part of the social atmosphere and with both my girls being involved in softball, my mom created the Tornados softball club, so I am actively involved in both the softball and also play action netball, I have slowly introduced myself into the WCAC and as the social officer am having a blast being able to be active although not running yet, being able to keep myself busy planning events and arranging monthly activities.
Running History: So my running history actually starts with my uncle Dudley who was a well know coach and athlete in the running community. I used to spend as much time going to races with him growing up and used to run the 5- 15km races with him as well, also being able to watch him run Comrades was an inspiration. I have yet to get back into running although being involved in WCAC and watching the transformation of Bruce from where he was a few years ago to now, it is difficult to say no when you see the inspiration and enthusiasm we have as a club. I have set a goal which I hope to achieve if only just once and that is to run Comrades. So currently baby steps for me but hope to soon be on the road again…
Inspirations as a runner: My uncle Dudley was always an inspiration in my life and will continue to be watching down on me. My family inspires me every day to be the best I can be and for them I am truly grateful and the luckiest girl alive.
Why I chose West Coast as my club: WCAC is one big happy family, the environment of beautiful people each with there own story is inspirational and seeing people excel at what they are doing starting from walking right thru to running big races like Two oceans, Comrades, trail races like Puffer etc is amazing, who would not want to be part of an incredible team of people.
  Never give up on your hopes and dreams, we may fall down but it is how we choose to get up and fight for what we believe and those that help us up to achieve greatness is worth fighting for…Believe and it can be done…

Justin de Klerk

Digital Media Administrator
Quote: Running reminds me that I’m capable of so much more than I ever imagined.
Portfolio: Website, social media and digital communications Administrator. I am building and managing the new WCAC website with the vision that it will be the most awesome running club website in the country. I also took over and integrated the former Social Media portfolio.
Personal Introduction: Hello, my name is Justin, I am a runner. Well now anyway, before running I was nothing in a sporty sense. I was born in a little mining town called Cullinan north of Pretoria in what was then the Transvaal. I grew up between there and Midrand near Joburg before immigrating to Cape Town at age 15. At age 24 I went to London, UK, for 8 years and came home with a wife and child. Career wise I have nothing worth noting with any interest, I just have a regular shitty low income job working for a boss in a 9 to 5 which I dread every day. But outside of work I’m a runner, photographer, drummer, father, husband and I also make awesome chilli sauces and recently buy and sell avocado’s cheaply as an income booster. I’m actually poor AF but I love life. Running has brought massive purpose and fulfillment and something to be truly proud of, besides my awesome daughter and my beautiful wife, whom I’m impressed has stuck with me this long! I have a lot to be grateful for in this life, and I cherish what, and who, I have!
Running History: My running career started in 2012, I was massively obese, a heavy smoker & drinker, lazy and a glutton for all the unhealthy foods. One day I just woke up and realised that the path I was on was leading me to a certain early grave, so I decided to do something about it. I quit smoking, changed my eating habits drastically, and took up running. I also joined WCAC that year, for the next few years I don’t think more than 5 people there knew who I was, as a part time, quiet part timer, intimidated by all the “serious” runners who I thought then I would never be one of! My first race was the Chappies Challenge 10km that year. I took on a couple more 10km races then took the frightening leap of entering the Two Oceans Half marathon the following year. For the next 5 years that became my annual running target, the pinnacle of my running in that time, the Two Oceans half marathon, there were no other races over 15km that I entered in that time. My first Oceans I barely made the 3 hour cut off and couldn’t walk for about a week afterwards, I was broken but felt like a hero. I think of that now with embarrassment. Each year after Oceans I went back to the couch and got lazy again and loaded on the weight that I’d lost through a few months of running. In 2016 I realised I was bored and decided to challenge myself more and entered my first marathon, the Cape Town marathon. The bug had bitten! I entered a few more half marathons and a lot of small races in between. After CTM I knew this was my new path in life, I then entered the Two Oceans Ultra AND Comrades marathons for 2017 and proceeded to change my whole existence to be around running! I entered every race I could in 2017, and began to become noticed in the club, more people got to know me by name. I felt like part of the gang of real runners, the elite club of marathon runners, it was great! Comrades 2017 came and was both the hardest thing I ever did, and also the greatest experience of my simple life, crossing that finish line crying like a baby with uncontrollable emotional overload I committed to running Comrades every year for the rest of my life, as long as I will be capable. This year, 2018, I go for my back to back. Long term – simply to keep on running and bettering my own achievements. I know I’m not a fast or strong runner but I am committed and determined, and I love running and the community around running. Most of my friends are runners and my social life these days involves running. My battle with the flabby belly continues permanently, but I know that without running I’d be either disgustingly overweight and unhealthy, or dead by now.
Inspirations as a runner: Other runners!
Why I chose West Coast as my club: Partly, it’s the only club I know, but also I can’t imagine going to another club. The friendships and family vibe in the club are solid. People in the club lift each other up, motivate and inspire each other. It’s a great club with a great future and the potential to become one of SA’s best and most notable running clubs, and I’m proud and honoured to be part of the West Coast family and determined to do my part to help grow the club to it’s full potential and beyond! Albeit always plodding along at the back of the field!