West Coast Pub Run

6 December 2018

Full details of this awesome social running event will appear here in due course.

Image may contain: 8 people, including Lizl De Klerk, Liezel De Klerk, Myles Apsey, Jacqui Giles and Eugene Cilliers, people smiling, people standing, shoes and shorts

History of the Pub Run

There has been an annual pub run at West Coast Athletic Club (WCAC) for over 16 years and it has grown since those early days.

Back then, in December each year a few runners would take some cash on a Tuesday night training session, run to Marine Circle and do a pub crawl all the way back to the clubhouse, generally gathering a group of 12 to 20 people.

Then in 2003, Club Captain Terry Ireland added WCAC branded Pub Run t-shirts and the numbers jumped to 75 pre-paid entries.

2004 saw 150 entrants and it was decided to use the event to raise funds for charity. That year, the first charity cheque – R8000 – was handed to Reach for a Dream.

The number of entrants and donations to charity have grown from then on. They have donated to various causes including Reach for a Dream, Home of Hope, Community Intervention Centre (CIC) and the Emmanuel Care Centre in Atlantis.

The Emmanuel Care Centre in Atlantis was brought to their attention in 2007. They care for 60+ mentally challenged children and were in desperate need of funds. Since 2007 WCAC has donated a total of R149 000 to the Emmanuel Day Care Centre.

In the last few years, it has started at Big Bay Surf and Lifesaving Club and incorporated five pubs as the drinks stops with running and walking in between. The pubs in 2014 were: Ons Huisie, News Cafe, Viper Lounge, back to Inside Bar and Big Bay Surf and Lifesaving Club for the last drink stop and after party.