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Club Records

These are the West Coast Athletic Club records, as they stand with the information available. Part of this web project is to fill the gaps of year and race on this sheet. Should you be privy to this information please get in touch.

An explanation of age categories:

Currently, there are three broad age spectrum’s in road running: Juniors (under 20), Seniors (20 to 39) and Masters (40 plus). The old terminology of Sub-Vets, Veteran, Master, Grandmaster and Great Grandmaster are still commonly used in South African running clubs, as per the table below, however these have officially been dropped by the IAAF because with the growing numbers of juniors and masters category runners in the sport this categorizing has become an issue.

There is also a difference in the way ages are calculated. For Juniors and Seniors your category is defined by the YEAR in which you were born. Eg. if you turn 20 on the 10th January 2018 or the 28th December 2018, you will be regarded as a Senior the entire 2018. Whereas with Masters categories your age category is based on your age ON THE DAY OF A RACE. Eg. if you enter Comrades Marathon for 2018 and your 40th birthday is on the 9th June you will be in the Senior category on race day on 10 June. However if your 40th birthday is on the 10th June you run as a proud Master.

Categories Junior Under 20
  Senior 20 – 34 years
  Sub-vet 35 to 39 years
  Veteran 40 to 49 years
  Master 50 to 59 years
  Grandmaster 60 to 69 years
  Great Grandmaster 70 +

West Coast AC Records:





  Name Time Year Race   Name Time Year Race


Senior P.Titus 30:09       Jean Rayner 35:43    
Sub-vet Geoff Ethrington 34:31       Jean Rayner 35:43    
Veteran Geoff Ethrington 34:31       Linley Holmes 37:56    
Master Geoff Ethrington 37:04       Tilda Krugmann 43:53    
Grandmaster Wilhelm Coetzee 40:09 2017 Correctional Services Nite Race, Mosselbay   Margaret West 51:25    
Great Grandmaster Peter Donald 47:02 2013 Tableview High 10km   Jennie Bancroft


Junior Tom Lusaseni 30:30       Mia Zgerski 43:10 2017 Edgemead 10km


Senior Brian Hammond 46:01       Jean Rayner 53:17    
Sub-vet Wilf Visser 52:30       Jean Rayner 53:17    
Veteran Geoff Ethrington 53:00       Tilda Krugmann 60:10    
Master Cyril George 58:19       Tilda Krugmann 68:04    
Grandmaster Peter Donald 63:46 2003 Ravensmead 15km   Margaret West 82:10    
Great Grandmaster Peter Donald 72:40 2014 Constantia Village 15km   Avril De Lapelin Dumont 1:33:35 2015 Avbob 15km Eersteriver
Junior Tom Lusaseni 46:57       M&V Swarts 72:37    


Senior Peter Titus 1:09:02       Jean Rayner 1:17:13    
Sub-vet Gary Lightley/Derek Ward 1:15:47       Jean Rayner 1:17:13    
Veteran Bernie Hand 1:17:07       Tilda Krugman 1:26:40    
Master Jan La Cock 1:23:06       Sheila Colbeth 1:37:40 2005  
Grandmaster Wilhelm Coetzee 1:30:58 2017 Lisbon Discovery Half Marathon,Lisbon, Portugal   Margaret West 2:04:08    
Great Grandmaster Marco Lamminga 1:58:30 2016 West Coast 21km   Avril De Lapelin Dumont 2:15:19 2015 Slave Rouse 21km
Junior Isaac Esau 1:16:05       V. Swarts 1:48:38    


Senior Peter Titus 1:42:03       Jean Rayner 1:58:48    
Sub-vet Wilf Visser 1:57:05       Jean Rayner 1:58:48    
Veteran Osbourne Reinecke 1:59:21       Tilda Krugman 2:09:00    
Master Nick Miles 2:12:04 2010     Sheila Colbeth 2:31:52    
Grandmaster Wilhelm Coetzee 2:26:27 2018 Bay to Bay 30km   Marlene Verwey 3:19:50    
Great Grandmaster Marco Lamminga 3:08:46 2016 Bay to Bay 30km   Avril De Lapelin Dumont 3:23:01 2015 Tygerberg 30km


Senior Peter Titus 2:23:00       Jean Rayner 2:39:32    
Sub-vet Derek Ward 2:47:38       Jean Rayner 2:39:32    
Veteran Ernest Markwood 2:48:23       Obertina Kanyonga 3:06:53 2016 Cango Marathon
Master Nick Miles 2:57:54       Tilda Krugman 3:35:53 2008 New York Marathon
Grandmaster Wilhelm Coetzee 3:14:25 2019 Ljunljana Marathon, Slovenia   Marlene Verwey 4:42:44    
Great Grandmaster Marco Lamminga 4:06:00 2017 Knysna Heads Marathon   Avril De Lapelin Dumont 5:16:48 2015 Cape Peninsula Marathon
Junior Deon Conway 3:05:42              

Two Oceans

Senior P.Titus 3:33:47 1989 Two Oceans   Jean Rayner 4:08:49 1989 Two Oceans
Sub-vet Peter Bennett 3:54:52 2012 Two Oceans   Tilda Krugman 4:28:27 2002 Two Oceans
Veteran Ernest Markwood 3:55:15 2004 Two Oceans   Adele Waldron 4:22:22 2015 Two Oceans
Master Wilhelm Coetzee 4:11:00 2009 Two Oceans   Tilda Krugman 4:53:54 2012 Two Oceans
Grandmaster Wilhelm Coetzee 4:51:52 2017 Two Oceans   Avril De Lapelin Dumont 6:00:11 2006 Two Oceans
Great Grandmaster Murco Lamminga 6:28:14 2017 Two Oceans   Avril De Lapelin Dumont 6:54:23 2015 Two Oceans
Junior Deon Conway 4:35:07 1989 Two Oceans          

Comrades Up

Senior Brian Hammond 7:12:43   Durban to PMB   Heleen Reece 7:37:12 1990 Durban to PMB
Sub-vet John Haigh 7:13:28   Durban to PMB   Rachel Arnott 8:36:14 2013 Durban to PMB
Veteran Ronald Moody 7:22:35   Durban to PMB   Adele Waldron 7:37:19 2015 Durban to PMB
Master Wilhelm Coetzee 7:55:09 2008 Durban to PMB   Thelma Naude 10:36:50 2015 Durban to PMB
Grandmaster Wilhelm Coetzee 9:25:45 2019 Durban to PMB   Avril de Lapelin Dumont 11:39:56 2011 Durban to PMB
Junior Deon Conway 8:55:49 1990 Durban to PMB          

Comrades Down

Senior Ernest Markwood 7:45:38   PMB to Durban   Heleen Reece 6:54:17 1991 PMB to Durban
Sub-vet Martin Hagues 7:21:43   PMB to Durban   Tilda Krugman 7:22:32 2012 PMB to Durban
Veteran Ronald Moody 7:17:09   PMB to Durban   Tilda Krugman 7:25:58 2001 PMB to Durban
Master Wilhelm Coetzee 7:38:20 2010 PMB to Durban   Sally Hollick 10:11:41 2018 PMB to Durban
Grandmaster Wilhelm Coetzee 10:27:30 2018 PMB to Durban          
Junior Deon Conway 9:52:01 1989 PMB to Durban          
5000m Track Peter Donald 0:21:54 2013 Parow Track