New Website Under Construction

Hello and welcome to the first blog post of the sparkling new West Coast Athletic Club website.

This entire website is under re-development. Please be patient as the various elements of the site are designed and constructed gradually as we progress to build the most awesome running club website in South Africa. The project is mostly a one-man-job, done as a free contribution by a passionate member of the club and running community.

At this stage there is no final date set for completion as various elements come online as time for development permits, thereafter the project will be ongoing as constant updating will be required to keep the website relevant, interactive and attractive to visitors.

Among the features of the site will include:

  • A bold, interactive and dynamic home page featuring links to interesting and important pages, news items, events, etc.
  • Full social media integration with the club’s various social media platforms, including live social feeds in the footer of each page.
  • A comprehensive, interactive events calendar featuring dated links to detailed races and event listings which will contain standardized information such as logistics, a Google map, event details and links to event websites. Our website will become one of the popular race listing sites in the Western Cape.
  • A regularly updated New feature in a blog format with updates about the club and it’s events, members, etc.
  • Various training related pages including a blog style “Coaches Corner” featuring fascinating training articles by our in-house coach, Alan Green. Also training programs and events for all styles and levels of running.
  • An interesting yet not overwhelming photo gallery.
  • Results of West Coasters from various events.
  • All other relevant club info such as club history, kit, membership details, intro to the Committee, club standards, fundraising, members testimonies, club awards and recognition, new members welcome and contact information.

Should you wish to contribute any suggestions, questions or criticisms please don’t hesitate to contact the website developer at and I’ll respond as soon as I can.



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