2020 ELE League Cup Races

1. Background

The ELE Trading League Cup was born out of the idea of having reward and recognition for the short distance members since they, the majority of the club’s membership, do not participate in the big-name events such as Oceans Ultra, Comrades, Ironman, Puffer, etc. The competition was initially named the Short Distance League Cup and presented at the club’s monthly awards evening on 7th November 2017 by the then vice-captain for short distances, Naz Parker. Subsequently ELE Trading came on board to sponsor the awards for a period of 3 years and the competition is now known as the ELE Trading League Cup.

2. How the ELE Trading League Cup works

The league consists of races up to a distance of 21.1 km only and includes all those in the Western Province Athletics race calendar along with selected races from Boland and South Western District. The competition is based on points. Each race carries 10 points. However, specially selected races carry bonus points. A bonus point race’s points is determined as follows: 10 Points + Points to the value of the race distance. E.g. if you participate in the Timber City SpookHill 15 km Challenge (a bonus point race), your points tally for that race will be 10 + 15 = 25. Similarly, if you run the PPC Riebeek Berg Half Marathon (also a bonus race), you points for that race will be: 10 + 21 = 31.

3. Awards for the ELE Trading League Cup

A quarterly award for the male and female member leading the points table for the said quarter will be awarded at the club’s monthly awards evenings of April, July, October and January. The male and female winners of the league will be awarded a floating trophy and a trophy or medal or shield to keep at the club’s annual awards ceremony in February/March/April of the following year. In the event of a tie (2 or more members on equal points) for the quarterly and/or final awards, the winners will be determined by means of separate 5 km Time Trial races for male and female members.

4. Rules & Regulations for the ELE Trading League Cup

4.1. Participants can be any paid-up ASA registered member of West Coast Athletic Club.
4.2. Only races listed on the ELE Trading League Cup count towards points.
4.3. Results are obtained from the official race results published by WPA. Ensure that your name (as registered with ASA) is correctly written on the race cards at races and that you hand-in your race card at races. If you name does not appear on the official race results, is incorrectly spelled due to race officials not being able to decipher your handwriting, or you have been disqualified during that race, no points will be awarded even if you did participate.
4.4. Updates to the league table will be published on the club’s website and/or Facebook page.
4.5. All league-related queries are to be directed to via email to: vicecaptainshort@westcoastathleticclub.co.za

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