Club Mykonos Multisport presents Mykonos 21.1km | 10km | 5km
Sat 8 Oct 2022, 08:00 @ Langebaan, Western Cape
It takes approximately one hour to travel from Tableview to Langebaan with a distance of 108 kms

Susan Rheeder had volunteered to drive us through to Club Mykonos. Us being Megan Kluyts, Paula van der Merwe and me. Unfortunately, it was a mad scramble for Paula as she had set her alarm one hour later than the required time. So it probably took Paula five minutes flat to jump out of bed, bathroom ablutions and slip into her West Coast gear – in that order! Next stop was me, then on to Blouberg to collect Meg. Collection over, it was time to tackle the West Coast Road and head on up to Mykonos.
We were slightly delayed by roadworks – Stop and Go – but with every cloud there is a silver lining and the maintenance of our roads is of utmost importance. So go ahead please and fix all the potholes in creation.
Once in Mykonos it really was a case of parking and walking to the reception area to collect one’s number. I took it upon myself to stand in the queue for the ladies loo and once the numbers had been collected and pinned onto the shirts, the gals were able to swop places with me and practically potter on through without delay.
I must say that the field this year wasn’t of huge magnitude. Quite the contrary actually. I think one had the option of many a race in Cape Town this month and some of them closer to home. Be that as it may we had pre-entered this race and were ready to run. Except me. Still resting and recovering from a stress fracture in my hip. But soon…………..
Met up with Mike Kellet who had entered the 21km along with Megan and Sue. It being the Cape Town Marathon next Sunday, Paula had been advised to run the 10km. So come 08h00 the whistle was blown and off they went. Personally, starting a 21km at 08h00 is later than ideal as the sun was already up and it was really quite warm. The general consensus to those I chatted to preferred to start earlier, if only by an hour. Perhaps Race information and Enquiries Manager Bossie Boshoff could approach the committee for a vote?

It took Paula just over an hour to finish the 10km and she crossed the line as strong as an ox. We were able to visit one of the local restaurants, sit outside and enjoy coffee and coke. We had a bird’s eye view of the contestants coming in.

Then Paula and I walked a little higher up and found the most amazing sheltered sunny spot to capture Megan and Susan coming in. Paula nipped off to the loo and lo and behold Meg arrived in her absence. Once Meg had collected her medal, downed a coke and caught her breath, she joined Paula and I to wait for Sue. Sue crossed the line looking mighty strong I must say and she wasn’t alone. No not our Sue. She brought company along with her and the two of them ran over the timing mat together.

You would know we had Sean Falconer Editor & Director of Modern Athlete magazine, Published Author, Event Commentator & MC announcing the arrival of the runners giving all and sundry his ten cents worth. Raising a smile as he does.

We made our way back up to the car, piled in and stopped at the nearest garage on the way home. More coke. More coffee. And sandwiches.

Meg was the first one to be taken home. Then moi. I would like to say that this was one very very pleasant morning out. A very well-organized race with plenty of marshals. Loads of coke and for the 10km alone, there were 4 watering holes. Thanks so much for driving us through Sue, much appreciated. Wonderful car company. Chatted about any amount of topics from Koeberg to politics to documentaries to raising youngsters.

I’m so hoping that this time next year I too will be able to compete.

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