West Coast Athletic Club Pub Run 2022

Tuesday 6th December 2022.

So in short this years Rock on Santa Charity Pub Run was in aid of Santa’s Shoebox.  Folk being a whole lot less fortunate than others that indeed are – in some way or another.  Supporting this charity is easier than one could imagine – simply purchase a pack of seeds for their vegetable garden or donate a children’s book.  And just like that Voila, job done!!

A tiny bit of history now – I believe this charitable event started in 2010 which marks the 22nd year this year in 2022.  Lucky lotto numbers?

Registration took place at the Tableview Tennis Club – our base – from 16h00 through to 17h30 . . . .and then some.  Tshirts were collected and inside the plastic bag would be your verificaiton of drinks to be claimed at one of the stops.  One at McPhersons, one at MAC and last but not least one back at base.  The running/wunning/walking route was pretty straightforward with leaving TVTC and taking a sharp right along Raatz Drive past the Penguin home SANCOB then a right again and left into Sandpiper Road.  From there it was a shortcut on to a grassy/sandy path alongside the vlei – past Angela’s house where she offered shots I might add – and on to McPhersons.  Back along the same route – and yes past Angela’s again for yet more shots – but this time stopping at MAC.  Then and only then returning to the club.  Distance 8km.

After a briefing from the Social Secretary organiser of all organisations Tammy aka as Tamster and . . . .well many other pseudonym’s, it was time to hit the road.  And off we went en masse.  Needless to say the speedy’s took off without hesitation, thirsty much?   And little else to be seen other than diamonds on the soles of their running shoes.  Carl had cycled ahead a little and parked off with camera in hand.  Our youngest grandchild Jake joined in the fun – shoeless of course, as boy’s do.  So my walk was pretty much decided for me as I had a little charge to care for ensureing he was returned to his parents in one piece.

The time spent walking towards McPhersons was uneventful if not interesting.  As the folk in front of us and behind us were having full on conversations about all sorts of things.  Loudly.  So it wasn’t as if one was evesdropping.  Quite the contrary actually and it was amusing to say the very least.  Once we left the road and hit the sandy/stony path alongside the vlei, the views were just spectacular.  Living there must be wonderful.  Yes Angela.  This is where Erica takes her Loony Tune for a run and it’s really no small wonder.  I would however have to consider the amount of mosquito’s that collect there?

Arriving at McPherson’s was quite wonderful.  The bathroom and a cold one.  Most of the folk were there by this time having passed me and Mr Slowcoach.  Gee this kid can talk the hindlegs of a donkey.  If only he walked as much as he talked!  No sooner there and by this time the sun was starting to go down, it was time to hit the dusty path again and this time head back to MAC.  I decided rather wisely I think just to plod on back to the club as Jake was collecting the sharpest of duiveltjies in his feet and I must thank Mitch for lending a shoulder to disperse of the confounded pests.

Once back at the club it was time for dinner.  And what a choice of dinner there was.  Wow spoilt for choice.  From Annies Cape Malay Curry in beef veg or chicken with rice, samoosas, chillit bites and koeksisters to Altons paddle coffee shop where pizzas, toasties, wraps and burgers were on offer plus of course Paul’s boerie rolls.  So honestly there was no excuse to go hungry.  The grub was SO good!  And then of course we had stalls offering their wares – Design 2 Run for all your running gear & accessories, jewellery, books, plants a 3D stall and who can say no to the Avo Dude!  

By this time, after a long long day and an even longer walk it was time to pack up and return Jake to his rightful owner.  A brilliant afternoon.  Just so perfectly organised and this kind of organisation doesn’t come easy.  So much to be done.  Venue, route, Tshirts, vendors, tickets blah blah blah.  So honestly once again without Tamster and her team one can bet one’s bottom dollar this just would not ever take place.  Move over Ramaphosa – Tam for President!  

and before anyone takes humbrage, feels left out, hard done by or otherwise – this is my humble opinion.  As they say in the classis though That’s all folks!!



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