Bay to Bay – 2024

As soon as the Bay to Bay tickets opened up for sale, I was in there like a long dog and bought mine immediately.  30kms.  Yup, early bird and all that.  I wouldn’t be looking for a last-minute purchase or a substitute.  No siree, I had my ticket bought and paid for.  But as the time drew closer to 21st January, the less I felt inclined to participate in a 30km run which included THE Suikerbossie hill.  So after much deliberation, I advertised my ticket and on the very same day sold it to a runner for the same price that I had paid for it.

I had set my alarm for 03h00 come Sunday morning.  Wow, this is now really early.  But once up, I indulged in a cup of tea, got dressed and prepared for the day leaving the house just after 03h30.  Off I went to collect my three passengers viz Paula, Issie and Sonja.  I have to imagine that anyone on the road at that ungodly hour would have been travelling to Bay to Bay.  Otherwise, a very late night which had now turned into a very early morning!

My map indicated that travel time to Camps Bay High School would take approximately 45 minutes roughly 28kms.  But once at the top of Kloof Nek, there was a sign saying it was closed!  So a quick U-turn and off we went down the road following everyone else . . . . to Camps Bay High School.  Oh my goodness.  The traffic.  And it wasn’t even 05h00 yet!  I managed to stop at a pedestrian crossing with steps leading up to the High School, so this is where the girls hopped out.  From there I drove through to Sea Point and found a garage offering Vide E tea which was exactly what I was hoping for.  I sat for a while collecting my thoughts and enjoying my drink before setting off once more to face the onslaught of traffic with everyone in that area looking for parking!

Once back in Camps Bay, the traffic had thinned somewhat but enough supporters were still going around in circles looking for that empty parking bay.  Eventually and I’m really not exaggerating, eventually, I took a left onto a very steep road leading down to the tennis club where there is indeed a parking area but of course, it was full to overflowing.  I drove through that once or twice then approached two security chaps parked in front of a row of garages.  Chancing my luck, I asked them if they knew of any parking whatsoever as I needed to walk down to the Bay to Bay finish line.  One of the chaps, and I’m still reeling at his kindness, offered me an empty garage to park in.  I was speechless and thought at first he was teasing me.  But no, he was serious and that’s exactly where I parked my car.  In an open garage, in the shade, protected by two security men and just 500 meters from the Bay to Bay finish line!  Now that’s what I call LUCK!!

It was still pretty early but I was in time to see the front runner sprint across the finish line and claim first prize for completing the 30km race.  What a guy!  Strong as an ox he came running in.  And then our very own West Coast Luca Boyana came running in like it was just another run.  Just another Sunday run.  Just another 30km Sunday run.  I must remember to ask Luca what he eats for breakfast.  Obviously, I’m missing out on something.  Our Beautiful Michelle Minnaar was the first West Coast lady and crossed the finish line as gracefully as a light-footed gazelle.  Not a hair out of place with a slight glow from the morning dew.  Our two front runners didn’t get to see the sun and ran with clouds overhead offering a cool morning 30km.

Anele came in just after Luca and at this point, I started my photo collection.  This would be in lieu of running the 30 km.  To take photos instead.

Our gazebo was up and busy with Mary and Tam managing the comings and goings.  There was plenty to eat and drink from what I could see and I believe that Gillian had prepared a lot if not all of the food.

I took myself down to the finish line and crawled in underneath the red tape.  Found a perfect spot where I could see our West Coasters coming in.  I know I’ll be shot down in flames once I start mentioning names but honestly when the likes of our club members come in from the 30km under three hours I wonder about changing my hobby and pastime.  30km’s in under 3 hours?  This is a huge achievement as far as I’m concerned.  I can imagine running the 15km’s in that time!  Now the runners were coming in fast and furious and I could feel myself going hoarse at shouting for the West Coasters to look this way!  Thanks to Alida who managed to take photographs of our runners much earlier on.  Towards the end of the cut of time of 4 hours there appeared to be an influx of not only 30km runners but 15km runners too.  And so I had my work cut out for me, darting to and fro trying to catch everyone before calling it a day.

By now all, if not most of the West Coasters had made it in and after catching their breath, an ice cream and a coke, it was time to leave and head off home.

Oh dear I did read as it was made very very public indeed that a couple of tables had run out of water. 

This must have been dreadful as the heat of the sun was really making its presence known now.  And the fact that the water tables weren’t offered at every 3km too?  I thought this was mandatory.  The roads hadn’t been closed either so there was traffic to contend with.  So, I gather from the comments I read that some people won’t be running Bay to Bay again.

But from me, it’s over and out – for now until the next race which for me is the 15km Firgrove Challenge.  Hope to see you there peeps.  Take care Gill.