Velocity 21km – by Gill Koch

Saturday 11th June 2022

VAC ATLANTIS 21km and 3.5km Fun Run / Development event

Come Saturday morning it was race day!  Must admit, I haven’t done this in a while but once up and ready to leave it was a case of old hat.  Trudy drove through to mine and off we went.  Straight up the West Coast Road arriving at Wesfleur Sports Ground.  So much available parking, we were spoilt for choice.  Marshalls were in abundance ensuring everyone found their way over to the hall.  Once there however, slight confusion reigned as there was one queue and one queue only.  We then established that we were indeed in the correct – and only queue – which had been nominated for pre-entries.  There were various tables inside the hall for late entries.  Not quite sure if they anticipated a couple of Grand Masters to enter but they really had to scout around for the relevant running tickets for our age group.  It was then time to meander over to the start line.

I managed to keep a relatively good even pace – for me – my standards – at under 7 minutes per km varying from 06:11 to 07h19 for the first half.  Water tables were far and few between and unless you had your very own cup – the chances of grabbing a coke were slim to nothing at all.  The water tables consisted of a couple of volunteers handing out sachets of water.  None of them cold.  At all.  Sadly the second half of my run can only be described as ………well, dismal.  Yup nothing less than 100% dismal.  I just ran – literally – out of energy.  So it was a serious case of just getting back to the finish line.  I did plenty of walking – and thinking – and singing – counting steps – counting lamp posts – and sorting out the entire world!  But I finished the 21km race.  Yes indeed.  I finished it!  Burnt a load of calories and came in at 02h31.  Absolutely nothing to brag about – except for the fact that I ran it and finished it. 

Trudy on the other hand did exceptionally well coming in at 02h28.

To run the 21km route it was leaving from Grosvenor Avenue then on to Gouda Street.  From Gouda Street it was on to Dassenberg Drive – Charel Uys Drive – Silverstroom Road – then a U Turn at 11.3km.  Back up Silverstroom  Road – back on Charel Uys – Brutos Avenue and into the Sports field to complete the 21kms.

Only four runners from West Coast AC ventured up to Atlantis for the Velocity race:

Trudy Hough, Conan (The Barbarian) Bottcher, Grahame Goodman (Monica Paterson’s son in law – who ran a silver standard with a time of 01h20!) and little ol’ me.  We made up the entries of 300 runners.

No regrets though, it got my legs moving and it was good to support our neighboring club.  Friendly folk along the way.  Traffic police were ever present.  Plus no dogs chased us.  So it was all good!

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