Sunday 12th February 2023 Milkwood 3, 5, 10 & 21km

It’s been so so incredibly hot of late.  With the temperatures soaring into the thirties this past week, I’m not sure how one would sleep at night without the very necessary ceiling fan and/or air conditioner and of course the ever popular must have invertor to operate these electronics which Eskom lacks in doing so.   Be that as it may 03h00 remains 03h00 whichever way one looks at it, and if you had entered the Milkwood race now would be a good time to rise and shine.  Living out here on the West Coast meant just over an hours drive through to Kommetjie and that would be cutting it fine leaving the Total Garage at 04h30.  Five of us gals piled into Sonja’s car with Paula driving off we went to our destination.  As we approached Soetwater one could see the traffic increasing with loads of red tail lights in front of us, queueing patiently for the ideal parking spot.  We approached Kommetjie from the opposite direction this morning, I honestly didn’t know there was more than one way to enter this sleepy little hollow.  On finding a safe out of the way one km from the start parking bay, the girls hopped out and took off speedily towards the start line.  I was able to take my time and relax a little as this was one race I wouldn’t be competing in.  I managed to injure my left foot running the Spartan Harriers last weekend.  Blah blah blah what would my life be without a running injury?

The route starts and finishes at Soetwater Resort. Runners will start heading towards the Slangkop Lighthouse and up Slangkop Pass to Scarborough where runners will do a U-turn in Scarborough before heading back to the finish at Soetwater Resort.

Stats:  Total Ascent: 341m  Total Descent: 342m  Highest Point: 116m

I arrived at the start line just in time to see our runners depart.  Quite a nice turn out for I’d say a remote destination?.  Took a few photographs then walked the 1km back to the car as I had spotted yet another, closer parking bay which seemed so much more convenient.  With just a few folk hanging around waiting for their runner to come in,  the queue for tea was non existant.  I afforded mysef a red cuppacino and sat gazing out over the ocean setting the world to right.  I also popped into the info centre to collect my lucky draw prize which I was hoping would be a new pair of running shoes……..yes, the brand new Asics Gel Nimbus 25 in Island Blue.  I could well imagine leaving Milkwood with a pair of these beauties.  But I’m afraid that’s all I did.  Imagine.  As my prize was a tube of MYO2.  Who could have predicted that it would have come in so handy for my poorly foot! 

And before long the 21km runners started coming in with our very own legs eleven Robin Leigh Fourie leading the pack.  Effortlessly running towards the finish line taking it all in her stride.  As if she does this every day.  Maybe she does?  But the longer I stood by with my camera – the other photographer had taken his Jimney to Greyton for the weekend – the faster the runners made their appearance.  Dont be shooting me down in flames now but I could swear blind Christopher Warren Tomlinson was next with Lisl Grobler Evason hot on his heels.  Thereafter it was a flurry of West Coasters making their way towards the finish.  Runners told me that the weather played ball although at some points it was a little stuffy up there on the mountain.  Once our car load was in we decided to take the bull by the horns and head back to the car for the hour drive home.  Paula had very kindly brought along some chocolate milk and my all time favourite – coke zero.  So we were set for the road and arrived home just after 10h00.

A good morning out.  And as usual this is just my opinion.  Almost forgot to mention that I saw Paula-Jo in amongst the crowd and managed a very quick hallo!  And so it is yet another race behind us (most of us) with preparation for the big one next weekend – The Peninsula!!

Take care out there peeps and don’t forget to be kind x

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