Winter club run times

Hi all,

Please note that as of this week, 17 April, we move our Tuesday evening club runs back to 5.30pm for the winter, because it gets dark earlier and the safety of our members is important.

Try to be at the club by 5.15pm to catch the pre-run announcements, before we head off at 5.30pm for our 5km or 8km pack runs. Then please join us afterwards for a chat and a drink at the bar. The tennis club is not charging us rent, they make a small profit from us supporting their bar, so let’s support our hosts by indulging in a few post-run social drinks.

Time trials will continue every second Tuesday, approximately. Have a look here for more info on time trials and for recent members times, see how you compare to the rest.

Also, for those who take part in the Thursday evening run in the vlei from McPhersons, those also start earlier. 5pm for the 10km and 5.30pm for the 5km. Chat to Rodney Russel for more info (find him on Facebook). The guys usually hang around for half price burgers and a drink afterwards too.

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