2022 Memberships and Licenses

Dear West Coasters

Some Westies at the Sundowner 10km on 14 December last year.

Here’s some info regarding validity of existing 2021 licenses and new 2022 licenses and club membership.

2021 Licenses:

If you still have an ASA license for 2021 it remains valid for use at road races until the 2022 licenses are released by WPA (Western Province Athletics). This is likely to be in February, however WPA will make an announcement about this soon which will determine when the 2021 licenses will expire. 

2022 Club Membership and License

Your committee will have a meeting soon to discuss the options and costs for the 2022 club memberships. 

For now, membership sales via the website are closed, please do not try to purchase your membership now! 

IF you need a license for interim races, we still have a few spares from 2021 which you can have in exchange for a small donation to the club.

We will communicate clearly when the new memberships will be available, and what the costs and details will be, all the info will be on social media and here on the club website. 

The membership application process will be the same as the preceding few years, a simple 3-step fully digital process, all the details are on the website Membership Page:

    1. Fill in the application form.
    2. Make payment via this website.
    3. Check/Update your ASA profile.

When licenses are available and you’ve entered and paid, you can collect them from Sue at the club on Tuesday evenings. 


Note: Understandably most members did not renew memberships last year due to the uncertainties and lockdowns imposed by Covid which resulted in very few road races available to justify owning a license. As a club we were able to weather this loss in much needed income for the year, however we are now hopeful that with races opening up again this will encourage more members to return and purchase memberships. Like most clubs, this is a very much relied on source of income to cover the operating costs and athlete support of a large amateur sports club like West Coast AC, and of course put away a few bucks towards our long overdue clubhouse!

We will be running some marketing to encourage new and old members to sign up as Westies for 2022, we hope to have you all back on our membership database this year! Watch this space…


May 2022 be an awesome year in running for all of you!



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