2022 Memberships OPEN!!!

Dear returning and new West Coasters… WELCOME to 2022!

Your committee is pleased to announce that this years annual memberships are now open for purchase, and the single adult memberships are cheaper than before!


Your membership fee INCLUDES your annual ASA “license to run”! However please note that the actual licenses have not yet been made available by the Western Province Athletics (WPA). This is quite normal that annual licenses are only available from about February, but please be assured that your 2021 license is STILL VALID until the new 2022 licenses are made available to us! In the unlikely event that you require a 2021 license, we still have a few leftover for R50 a pop.

As we are a club that relies heavily on memberships for the financial operation of the club and support of our members, we invite you to purchase your membership now so long and we will ensure your license is allocated to you as soon as Susan O’Connor, our trusty Membership Secretary, has them in hand!

Remember we also sell club kit right here on the club website. Have a look at the Kit Shop for your club clobber!

Thank you in advance for your loyal membership and we look forward to seeing you all at the races in club colours this year!

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